Jeremi Libera – “How to catch the candy thief”

The promotion of the idea of individual liberty is difficult twofold. Mainly it is so because it consists of two equally demanding phases.When we notice someone running out of a store with a stolen bag of candy, we would most likely try to point out the fact to other people in the vicinity. After they would finally believe us, which is not that palpable, we would like to convince these same individuals to stop the thief, with which there might be an even greater issue.

The situation is similar with persuading people to believe in individual liberty, which also constitutes the pointing out to people of evil, unfairness, theft. And in this case, we have to convince people not only of these facts, but also to act against organized state coercion – to catch the candy thief.

Who is it best to entice? Preferably everyone, who is available, but there exist groups, which, in their own specific way, are most susceptible to the liberty idea. These usually include the young, the high-schoolers, students, young academic professionals. They should be treated as the future libertarian elite, future teachers, who will educate the less educated and the politically unaware groups of people. Individuals, who, from the depth of their hearts, love freedom, but who would also like to have something to put in their pots.

Thus, if we would like to convince the multitude of people, who are only waiting for the alternative, to believe in free market and free society, we would have to show them the most pro-social face of libertarianism. Show them that, on the free market, the real one and not the monetary counterfeit, it is the hardworking, poor and exploited man that profits the most. And this does not come at the cost of the middle class, because laissez – faire promotes equality, it is its “desired indirect effect”.

Sometimes it appears that people, who view themselves as libertarians, do not try to notice that, sentencing themselves to an agitated defeat in the pre-race. Instead of talking to and informing people, who had less luck in life, they offend them; call them failures who only poison the atmosphere of success and business. Thanks to this intellectual manner, the victories of the most authoritarian parties should come as no surprise.

I know how much work it takes to change something, especially within a mentality, but I deeply believe in improvement. I also believe that this change in the approach will result in many others, most of all the broadening of the circles of potential advocates and the cooperation between the various factions of the libertarian ideas, which is so necessary. Then, when so many will believe, we will finally catch the candy thief.

Jeremi Libera
September 30th, 2007

Translated by Karolina Kuczyc

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